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Pushmote URL provides you a

cloud content management platform for Eddystone Beacons

. That

Eddystone cloud content management platform

provides you unique URLs. If your


are set to broadcast



Eddystone URL

information, then you can configure them to broadcast the Eddystone URLs that Pushmote URL has given you. Then, you will be able to easily

manage redirection


destination URLs

and content from Pushmote URL's

Eddystone Content Management Platform

. As it's already on the cloud and uses the power of

Eddystone cloud content management system

, once you configure your Google Eddystone Beacons, you will not need to configure your Eddystone Beacons again. You will just change the destination URL of your shortened URL using the

Eddystone Content Management Platform

provided by Pushmote. It also provides you

detailed analytics for Eddystone

implementations and interactions. For instance, if you use Pushmote URL to deliver your Eddystone interactions and implementations and configure your beacons to broadcast like Google's open beacon protocol
, you will most likely to get analytics like: how many visitors or users saw your

Eddystone content

, how many visitors or users clicked to your

Eddystone link

, how many of your visitors or users are returning or new visitors? Eddystone actually comes from

Google Physical Web

initiative. Google has merged it with some other schemes and built a new protocol called Eddystone. It has three schemes inside; Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL and Eddystone TLM. Then, Google integrated the

Physical Web

to the

Google Chrome

, which is now able to interact with any


enabled Eddystone Beacons. For example, you can turn your current Estimote iBeacons into Physical Web beacons or Eddystone Beacons and continue to use them. Kontakt beacons are also going to support Eddystone protocol. When you turn your iBeacon into

Eddystone Bluetooth Beacon


Eddystone URL beacon


Physical Web Beacon

, you need to set a URL so it can broadcast that URL. But, if you set a URL and deploy that beacon to the field, you will have issues. For example you set a movie's trailer as URL to your

Eddystone URL

beacon and it emits that URL as a
Eddystone URL


. Then you deployed that Physical Web beacon or


beacon next to the movie poster. Let's say, after a month, you changed the poster. Now, you also should change the URL of the Eddystone or Physical Web beacon to change the trailer. It's painful. Because you need to do it as an administrator. Going there, connecting to Physical Web Beacon or Eddystone URL beacon and changing the URL to the new trailer. Phew... It gets even more painful when the number increases. And think, you have more than twenty



Physical Web

bluetooth beacons. Isn't it difficult? To change the content of Eddystone URL beacons or Physical Web beacons, you can use

Eddystone Content Management Platform

provided by Pushmote. It provides everything you need to use

Eddystone Beacons


Physical Web Beacons

. You can just set it up in two or three minutes and you don't have to change anything on the Eddystone Beacons or Physical Web beacons side. Think like that. You set a URL to your beacon and you are able to manage where that URL will be redirected once opened. Isn't it fabolous? Also, Eddystone Content Management Platform or Cloud Content Management Platform provided by Pushmtoe allows you to choose ready to go premium HTML templates. So, that means, you don't have to be tech savvy to provide good looking content to your Physical Web or Eddystone URL beacon users! Sometimes, you may think it's redirection management platform for

Eddystone beacons


url shortening platform for Eddystone

protocol or

url redirection service for Physical Web beacons

but it's really

Cloud Content Management Platform Eddystone

URL beacons. Whenever you need a service to

manage the content of your Eddystone Beacons

, which is an open beacon protocol released by Google, you use the

content management platform

provided by Pushmote. It's also not expensive. It has white label feature, which allows you to have white label version of the

content management platform

but it's not expensive. Just send the

content management platform for Eddystone™ beacons

owners and they would let you know about the prices. Their support is also fantastic. They help almost about everything. Last time I asked them how to turn my iBeacons into Eddystone beacons or Physical Web beacons and broadcast Eddystone URLs so Google Chrome can detect those URLs, they completely helped us! As a note, in my opinion, if you are going to manage the content of your Eddystone Beacons or

Physical Web Beacons


Bluetooth Beacons

, you should use Pushmote's services. They are best! Thanks them for everything they provide!

at Festival or Concert

  1. Vote for next track

    If people also participate in the show, they will be entertained more. Why artists sometimes pause singing and allow audience to sing? Because they want people to be entertained more. You can easily ask people to vote for next track and allow them to easily vote easily using Eddystone™ URL supported beacons.
  2. For more Facebook likes and Twitter followers

    To increase your Facebook Page's like count or Twitter follower count, it's very important to show the Like or Follow buttons to your users at very special times. Experts mostly recommend to add social media buttons into mails and blogposts, so users can find them easily when they need.

    How about promoting your social media accounts at the venue when your target audience is there? You can do it easily by having a couple of Eddystone™ URL supported beacons.

at Transportation

  1. Baggage claim

    After a long flight, bringing everything together could be hard. You hear the announce which allows you to use your electronic devices when the plane touches down the ground. You checked your mail and messages. Why not also see which baggage claim zone will be yours? Why should you go to the display to see it? By putting Eddystone™ URL supported beacons to airplanes, you can easily show the baggage claim zone of that specific flight and make things easier for your passengers.

at Retail

  1. Immediate Help

    Facebook has released its Messenger Platform to help businesses to communicate with their customers easily. How about chatting with a customer representative at Best Buy? You are looking for a product and curious about its compatibility with your phone or computer. You can easily ask it via a Messenger message.

at Open Spaces or Historic Places

  1. Information

  2. Social Engagement

at Restaurant

  1. Order

  2. Payment

at Business

  1. Business card exchange
  2. Presentation links

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